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At the third level come those recruited into serving the Serpent Cult, usually unknowingly, like junior politicians, councilors, judges, Masons and members of think-tanks like Common Purpose (See this film for background to Common Purpose: We, the populus are at the bottom of the pile and we provide most of the energy the 4th-Dimensional Consciousness feeds off.

“But I don’t give energy to any 4th Dimensional Consciousness! But you do, you just don’t realize you’re doing it.

He must have been very keen to hear Matt speak because little else has persuaded him to come down from his hermit’s shack in the mountains!

The lecture took place in a small pyramidal room and its shape caused some consternation when applied to the subject matter of Matt’s speech.

This is completely new information to me and it is deeply disturbing because if Matt is correct then the funeral ritual can actually make sure that the soul of the deceased does not leave the dominions of the 4D Consciousness and remains in the dimensions occupied by the parasitic energy-vampires so that it can continue to be exploited for energy in another life-incarnation.

Part of the Serpent Cult’s methods of energy collection is to use symbols.

Our society has been designed with built-in secret apertures for this 4D entity to leach energy, and these apertures are the rituals and activities we carry out in all aspects of our daily life. (Matt always gives religious examples based on Christianity because it is the dominant religion of this country and the one he was brought up believing in, but the same can apply to any other religion; for baptism read any other kind of religious birth-rite at all).

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