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by  |  30-Aug-2016 12:47

Player is a community driven website that enables users to provide feedback on people they have dated in the past.

In wake of the recent tragic events leading up to the lawsuit against Match.com, Player is offering a free API for additional screening of its members to and all other dating websites.

The recent lawsuit of comes from one of its members claiming she was sexually assaulted by another member.

released a statement, “Screening for sexual predators is hardly a guarantee that all members are safe and could actually lead to a false sense of security.

But they are moving forward with a plan to do so now because a combination of improved technology and an improved database now enables a significant degree of accuracy.” Although screening for sexual predators would seem a viable step, The Player API can serve up additional information on users to assist in making informed dating decisions and therefore eliminate the types of lawsuits faced by and eventually its competitors unless “some action” is taken to protect their users.

Individual users may go directly to the Player site and begin to protect themselves as tens of thousands of individuals already have.

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