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We may torture a woman for working in home and giving birth to our kid but do not cheat for other woman whenever “space” is found and of course women will also do same.

We do not throw woman out of home while it is freezing outside and lost interest in her(when any new and attractive woman found).

Indians from Bombay, Tamil to Kerala usually come to Europe to study and often make higher earnings based on the power of the currency exchange rate of the rupee to the Euro or British pound.

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On a dating site you never see “beautiful Russian blond seeking Indian guy – just leave your mobile number”.

Let me tell you it is possible to bridge this chasm.

In fact Middle East guys seem to do better even though Indian guys are more connected to Europe ethnically and in some cases culturally. British girls do marry Indian guys, I have seen all of this.

It is more common the other way around for some reason.

That is if an Indian girl goes to Europe or America guys are all over her, but the converse is true also.

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