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Conrad told us married life is "great," but not to expect a pregnancy right around the corner.

At the moment, Lauren's priority is her professional career, admitting, "I'm so busy right now.

It didn't take very long for producers to make her the Betty to Cavallari's Veronica."The fact that I didn't take life too seriously and was a bit of a party animal didn't often put me in a good light," Cavallari says of being painted as the show's resident bad girl. But during editing, the producers made it seem like he was saying a lot of that to the other girl he was 'seeing' and that I was rolling my eyes at him, which wasn't the case," she writes, referring to Conrad. Producers also had Stephen go up to this same girl's house to hang out, which they made me believe was all on his own, so the joke was on me.

From the infamous feud between Disney darlings Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan over Aaron Carter in his glory days to the dramatic Laguna Beach tug-of-war between Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari over Stephen Colletti, here are 10 love triangles you probably forgot about.

Fans of Laguna Beach may remember that Kristin Cavallari was dating Lauren Conrad’s BFF and crush Stephen Colletti during their time on the MTV show, which caused major tension between the then-high schoolers.

In a note posted on her website, she reflects on the show, saying she did something she hadn't done in a decade: watch the pilot episode."Even though I know how it all ends, it was a little difficult watching my younger self struggle," writes Conrad. It was odd watching all of us just starting out, with no idea what the future held (although, no one really could have prepared us for what the next few years would bring).""As hard as it is to look back (other than watching the pilot, I haven’t watched any episodes since they first aired), it brings me a lot of joy to see that now, despite all the challenges we faced together back then, each of us seems to have found what we were looking for."But here's the best part: As a "thank-you to the fans," Conrad's partnered back up with MTV to produce an anniversary special, , airing Tuesday, Aug.

Lauren Conrad has come a long way since she first showed up to Los Angeles wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. "We will be having an honest conversation about what it was really like living with cameras for so many years (spoiler alert: it was super weird), sharing some behind-the-scene secrets, and showing some of my life today."Emphasis on some because, as they say, the rest of the story is still unwritten.

Lauren Conrad married William Tell in September 2014, and we've rounded up the pictures that you loved most from their gorgeous wedding along the California coastline.

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