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RB: It must have been hard, being so far away from your kids and husband. KS: After three years of bemoaning my fate about being far away, I've learned to love it. KS: I was angry [when it happened], but I'm a grown-up. He's a sick man, and my choices are different today. KS: There are so many people in this country who have been more betrayed than we were. Betrayal is something that happens when someone is a friend or a loved one; that's such a personal feeling. RB: And this month, you and Kevin are working with the Food Bank for New York City... Everyone has marital struggles — I don't buy the "Oh, it's so hard, actors being married." Man, marriage is hard for everyone.In an ironic twist, she's returning to an empty nest: Daughter Sosie, 20, is away at college, and son Travis, 23, won't be living in the family's apartment much longer. One night Kevin and I were talking about it, and he must have sensed my ambivalence, because he said, "What about, just for tonight, you decide that you don't want to do another year? KS: I felt that weight, and when he said it, I said, "Okay! I think on the face of it, everyone came out pretty unscathed, and yet, we'll see. Half of me was in New York and half of me was in California. I mean, my heart gets a little fluttery and I think, That's literally the first thing I think.

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"For the record, she 46, but you can't blame Kyra for spacing on her age when she looks this incredible. I used to think, RB: Women can be strange about money. At the time, it felt personal because we'd worked really, really hard for that money — especially Kevin, who has been working since he was 17 in New York — and it was mostly his money, because I hadn't made a lot. KS: Nothing means more to me than feeding people in my own city. So when we're on the red carpet and we get the "How do you guys do it? I don't think our relationship is more or less difficult; I just think you both make the commitment and you make it work.

Last year, she did the unthinkable in Hollywood: After an award-winning, six-year run as acid-tongued deputy chief of police Brenda Leigh Johnson on the TNT show . Originally, I thought it was irresponsible to leave, because of the Madoff thing — I thought I should do another season. As far as my family goes, that's still a work in progress.

"I'm 46...," she says, looking down at her lap while doing some mental arithmetic. As we get to talking, it becomes clear that the star doesn't only look young, but she thinks young, approaching everything in her life, from raising kids to getting tattoos, in a charmingly nonlinear way. Really, it's about wanting to do other things creatively. RB: You had a fun role in the recently released What's your next career goal? KS: Yes, in terms of success — the show was a gigantic success. RB: And he designed the tattoo we all noticed at the SAG Awards. RB: You're a really cool mom — you don't sweat the small stuff.

In recent paparazzi shots taken in Hawaii, her lean, tattooed body appears positively gravity-defying. RB: How did you balance your marriage with six months in Los Angeles and six months in New York? Kevin has been working a lot and he wasn't able to be in L. RB: As far as being a mom and having made sacrifices to work in L. I vividly remember hearing from my agent a couple days after I got the part that Kevin Bacon had fallen out, that he had to be in New Zealand for reshoots on a movie. A., and we walked past this tattoo place on Melrose and I said, "Let's eat dinner and then go get a tattoo" — As we were eating, Kev started doodling this image of the four of our initials.

The movie had a successful opening, bringing in $17.7 million in North American ticket sales since last Friday, and the figure is expected to reach $21.3 million after today, according to studio estimates.

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