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There have been a lot of dating shows over the years; what drew you to this particular take on the format? And also, for these women, it’s not like their life is over if they don’t meet the right guy. Women journalists watch the show and say ‘well done,’ showing women in the light that they should be shown.Burnett: It’s not just a dozen women and one guy, and each week a woman is being eliminated. But this isn’t like ancient times where some guy says ‘Hey, you, come with me.’ You also cast diverse bachelors on the show. This show is truly diverse and reflective of our nation.

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She’s telling how much God loves us – with stories chosen specifically for little girls. That they can understand that they’ll be called on to step into faith, to be strong and to make good choices about themselves.

“I tell about some of the female characters from the Bible so girls can be inspired and empowered and uplifted,” she says. “You know, it’s presented in such a cute way,” she says, “as sweet thoughts to think about and easy Scripture verses to remember – all which connect a little girl’s life to God’s Word.

My hope is that it will help them see just how wonderful God’s love really is.

“It’s really, really sweet and wonderful and I enjoy lending my voice to it.” And that voice is so instantly recognizable.

I like the idea of a show where every woman could find love, and men are coming regularly by helicopter and by speedboat in a very dramatic fashion. Burnett: It’s never, ever been seen on that other show. Your host, Terrence “J” Jenkins, is young enough that the women mistake him for one of the bachelors. But I think this show has a real chance to connect with viewers. You can’t guarantee every show will be a hit, but I’ve got a better record than most. “Coupled” premieres Tuesday, May 17, at 9/8c on Fox.

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