Who is pilar sanders dating now

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Lawyer Says His Wife's Arrest Was A Set Up, But Was It... 2012 Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders It pains me to report this, but NFL great, Deion Sanders may be in trouble with the law, regarding his acrimonious divorce from wife, Pilar Sanders, which devolved into domestic violence, when she and her friend Dee Boswell physically attacked him in his bedroom.Pilar's lawyer is claiming a set up in her arrest, but based on accepted facts of the case, Pilar and Boswell beat Sanders, who showed restraint in not hitting them back. However, police seek to charge Sanders for throwing a mobile phone outside his home that Pilar's friend Boswell held up trying to film him, as they beat him up.

Who is pilar sanders dating now

As long as her kids are taking care, you can’t be mad her.

Deion Sanders’ estranged wife Pilar has a new man in her life, according to my rock solid source who demanded anonymity in exchange for this tea.

The publicist for Pilar Sanders tells Rumor Fix exclusively that she quit because Deion Sanders estranged wife provided her with “falsehoods.” Kali Bowyer says one of those falsehoods came from Nikke Sanni, who she brought to Rumor Fix saying she had new evidence that she thought could make Pilar’s prenup invalid. Kali now says that Nikke and Pilar “have a longstanding relationship with one another” and she thinks Nikke did interviews with Rumor Fix and two other media outlets just to break into entertainment and help out Pilar.

Nikke told us that she overheard a conversation between Deion and T. And, Kali says she just learned that Nikke changed her story and offered to be a witness for Deion.

However whatever way Pilar wants to go about finding a man, love, or sugar daddy is her business.

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