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Two fabricators having a tail-gate party on the man’s stiff corpse? This photo represents her best act, the only one that is even reasonably believable: no tears, though.

According to the Daily Dud (Mail): It has emerged that when Jasmine, who was present at the fateful charity event in Santa Clarita Saturday, learned of the crash, the woman collapsed.

That kind of smoke occurring as an initiation before the fire is typical of the use of pyrotechnics as well as smoke machines. Moreover, what would cause a gas tank to explode, a rather thin tree that doesn’t even impact the front end? They have been caught smiling and laughing in glee over this, which proves this is a fabrication.

Paul Walker Hoax – Girlfriend Rolls in Laughter over His Death Like the Michael Hastings hoax the claim of an actual car accident where Paul Walker, along with a purported male companion, came to a death in a fiery inferno: this, too, is a fraud. There is not even an iota of footage of any kind showing it in motion. All that is available is CCTV footage showing a lamp pole being cut down and the tree in motion, which, then, springs back. It billows, as if there is a man-made fire, the same kind of smoke seen in incendiary fires from accelerants, including pyrotechnics. This is typical of Hollywood-style accelerants containing magnesium salts. There is no white hot-burning metal salts in such a tank. This is the video of the associates of Walker, his purported 22 year-old girlfriend and various male friends.

Regardless, how did this car get to where it rested? A car that is stalling which is, then, taken out for a test evaluation? Yet, there is one video which offers proof of the hoax.

Regardless, that body language alone proves the fraud. Awful happy and smiley for a woman who is busted up in grief, according to the Daily Mail and other Zionist-held publications, crying profusely in despair. He is so full of laughter at the hoax that he is forced to look down. Truly sophomoric, they were hiding in those bushes and couldn’t wait to explode in laughter, hiding, just as good moles do.

What is she doing at the family home milling around like this, standing by and sitting on the back flap of a pick up truck? Someone sees their scamming and decides to film it. There can be no doubt about the fact that with this tail-gate party they were hooting it up. Clearly, the man is filled with laughter plus, possibly, tears, the other kind. The claim for the death of Walker and his friend, Roger Rhodes, is a total fake and a fraud.

This is the first time we’ve seen his girlfriend of seven years since Paul died in a tragic car accident on Nov. Jasmine, 23, is definitely leaning on her close friends and family as well as Paul’s loved ones during this tough time.

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