Who is kimberly williams dating

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It has just helped me maintain this sort of balance in my life, where I get to work and then also still really be a full-time mom.

At present, she is single and mother of one son and enjoying motherhood.

Kimberly Williams was born on September 14, 1971 in Rye, New York to parents Gurney, a freelance medical journalist, and Linda, a fund-raiser.

In 2005, Linda was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia, an incurable and degenerative brain disease and form of dementia, at 61 years old.

"What I've struggled with what I've searched for is, 'What is her essence, and where does that exist still? RELATED: Burning more calories lowers your risk of developing dementia, new study says The couple has also drawn strength from seeing the relationship their two young sons have with her mother.

"After so many years of feeling like I had to be private and secret, it was just so empowering to be able to take the reins of the story,'' Williams-Paisley told Maria Shriver on TODAY Tuesday.

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