Who is katy perry dating july 2016 intimidating behaviour meaning

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Both Perry and Bloom have been married before (in both cases to a celebrity) and no doubt know anything a celebrity couple posts as a joint offering will only be “used against them” if the relationship ends (see: the duet and photo shoot Perry did with ex-boyfriend John Mayer in 2013; or Perry’s 2011 Grammys performance which featured footage of her wedding to Russell Brand).They also know that anything they post will immediately blow up into a “story,” covered on every blog.Perry has discussed their relationship in magazine profiles.

If matching Tamagotchis doesn't scream love, then we have no idea what does...

as demonstrated by Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at last night's Met Gala.

He made his first appearance when the pop star posted a long-range shot from Cannes (with a very Perry pun: “we cannes’t”).

He has since appeared occasionally in her Instagram Story (though, even then, she rarely posts his face); she recently tweeted a link to an Instagram he had posted that featured a text about making “all mothers happy,” of which the meaning is still somewhat unclear to us.

The way Perry and Bloom acknowledge each other on social media—with a bit of a wink, the sound of an off-camera voice, the hint of a blurry outline—seems to represent something new in the era of celebrity couple-dom.

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