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[and] the cool thing about it, is you fit anywhere." He's a talented actor and producer Roberto has starred in a number of films and television programmes including , the last film Robin Williams starred in before his death in 2014.

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Emma Watson has been linked to actor Roberto Aguire Roberto considers himself a "third culture kid": Roberto was born to Mexican parents, grew up mostly in Switzerland and now lives in Los Angeles, leading him to describe himself as a "third culture kid".

The actor said: "It's where your parents are a certain culture, you relate mostly to a different culture, and then you grew up in a place that's neither of those two cultures…

However, the same things that make celebrity hookups work so well can also be the same things that drive them apart.

Imagine how hard it would be to schedule a date around your press schedule and their press schedule.

It’s good for the whole world recognizes, with the Harry Potter series Star, it’s hard to believe but now is 25 years old!

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