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by  |  15-May-2016 09:55

The message sent by the BBC Suffolk account suggested it supported the actions of the pop star's former boyfriend Chris Brown, who brutally assaulted her at a California party more than three years ago.

The BBC said an identical message was posted on dozens of other accounts in recent days.

And now he is supporting her following the cheating allegations.

This blog is dedicated to the Multitalented, Grammy award winning, entertainer, Chris Brown.

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Data experts also pointed out that it was the sole message sent from a “mobile device” rather than an automatic “twitterfeed”.

The “misogynistic” tweet, sent amongst news stories such as the Lowestoft air show being cancelled and a local theatre being sold, provoked a storm of condemnation from users.

"Today I wanted to leave this earth," she captioned a photo of herself in the hospital.

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