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Brittany appeared in her father's video "I Think About You" and both children are in -the clip for "Love, Me." They say the darkest hour is just before dawn.With the prospect of factory work looming on Collin Raye's horizon, Epic Records signed him in 1990.

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"Start Over Georgia" and "My Walls Came Down" signify Collin Raye's blossoming as a tunesmith like never before.

Always a peerless lyric interpreter, he brings pangs of regret to "I Can Still Feel You," fatherly concern to "I Wish -1 Could" and sweet bliss to "April Fool." There's, a renewed commitment to classic country music in such "hurtin" tunes as "Someone You Used to Know" and "Make Sure You've Got It All." He sails through the groove of "Anyone Else" with the finesse of a rhythm master.

But as album after album sells Platinum and single after single hits No.1 on the charts, Collin has found that there is something deeper and more profound about what he does than merely entertaining people.

"In the beginning, I wanted hits and all that," he reflects.

Collin says he wants this song to become a video vehicle to publicize and raise funds for the Kids Place organization that deals with America's epidemic of child abuse. Both parents were musical and his mother, Lois Wray, was a regionally popular performer in East Texas who opened shows for Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins in the 1950s.

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