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After being placed on the tribe Ogakor, he quickly formed a bond with fellow castaways Amber Brkich, Jerri Manthey, and Mitchell Olson.However, he also acted as the swing vote between the alliance between Olson, Manthey, and Brkich and the alliance between Tina Wesson and Keith Famie.

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As a result, both tribes entered the merge with five members each.

After Villain Parvati Shallow gave hidden immunity idols to allies Sandra Diaz-Twine and Donaldson's Australian Outback tribemate Jerri Manthey, his own ally and fellow Hero J. Thomas was eliminated, giving the former Villain tribe members the advantage in numbers.

After Thomas's elimination, all four remaining Heroes were eliminated within the next five tribal councils, with Donaldson being the last Hero remaining in the final episode.

Ultimately, he was voted out on Day 37 and became the eighth jury member.

Colby Donaldson (born April 1, 1974) is an American actor and television personality, best known as the runner-up on Survivor: The Australian Outback and as the host for the shows Top Shot and Top Guns.

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