What are multifocal and accommodating lenses

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Eyeglasses or contact lenses usually can correct slight refractive errors caused by early cataracts, but they cannot sharpen your vision if an advanced cataract is present.The only treatment for a severe cataract is to remove the eye’s natural lens and replace it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL).

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Acry Sof IQ Re STOR IOL – Developed by Alcon and FDA approved since 2005, Acry Sof IQ Re STOR IOLs boast patented optical technology called apodization which is responsible for the optimal distribution of light across varying distances and lighting conditions.

The aspheric design of the Acry Sof lenses helps to minimize aberrations and enhance vision clarity.

An IOL is a tiny, lightweight, clear plastic or silicone disc placed in the eye during cataract surgery. Unlike contact lenses, which must be removed, cleaned, and reinserted, the IOL remains in the eye after surgery.

An IOL replaces the focusing power of the eye’s natural lens. An IOL may be implanted either in front of or behind the iris.

There are several different types of multifocal IOLs approved by the FDA for use in the U. The lenses below are the most commonly used multifocal IOLs in the U.

What are multifocal and accommodating lenses

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