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Wendell August’s original Grove City forge was listed on the U. Among its many notable custom designs, Wendell August was engaged to create mementos in honor of the “Millionaires’ Flight” on the Hindenburg air ship, and was commissioned by the U. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency to produce 12 solid bronze plates commemorating the SALT II treaty between the U. This process includes Die Engraving by a master engraver, Material Selection and Cutting, Repousse (Hammering), Surface Anvilling, Edging, Carbon Coloring, Polishing, and Forming. “Bill” Knecht, III acquired the company in 1978 from Wendell’s son, Robert August.Company artisans create new motifs and designs, while some motifs – like the ever-popular Dogwood – have endured for decades. Knecht operated the company until his death in 2004; the Knecht family still owns the company today.

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August engaged Ottone “Tony” Pisoni, a blacksmith in his coal mine, to hand-forge door latches for his home.

Admiring the low cost and high quality of Pisoni’s work, August was inspired to start a decorative ironware business.

Additionally a store is located in the Premium Outlets Grove City, PA.

In addition to the company’s three retail stores, Wendell August also works with a nationwide network of sales professionals as it handcrafts elegant yet affordable custom gifts, awards, incentives, and trophies for businesses and organizations throughout the globe.

As a child growing up in rural Southern towns, Wendell Kimbrough often noticed how uncomfortable his fellow churchgoers could be while singing a hymn.

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