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Earlier this year, for instance, I felt the first uncomfortable stirrings of a charitable instinct, so I signed up with a neighbourhood scheme to visit an old lady once a week.My old lady was called Elsie, and she was lonely, wanted a chat. After three I called up the CRB office, but they had no record of my form. When that too went astray I'm afraid I lost heart and Elsie lost out.

While the Reverend appears alive in just the first novel, his legacy is laced throughout all the novels in the form of his collection of historical records, his journals and letters, and in Roger's memories of him.

Reginald Wakefield was the local minister in Inverness around the time of Frank and Claire's second honeymoon, and a good friend of Frank's. The Reverend adopted his great-nephew, Roger Wakefield, after the boy's parents died during the war. He adopted his great-nephew, Roger, after his niece and her husband died during the War.

Quentin called Sugar a "telly peer" who "doesn't seem to have enormous intellect", so now Sugar – famous for humiliating people on TV – says he'll sue unless Quentin coughs up for his legal fees and promises not to criticise him again. In flouting the convention that you don't sue individual journalists (just the broadcaster or newspaper they write for), Sugar is threatening our tradition of free speech.

What poor hack could afford to take on touchy politicians and celebs?

Does Dave Cameron really mean it when he bangs on about Conservatives creating a "post-bureaucratic age"?

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