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At a tech conference last fall, Tenga unveiled a crude contraption that allowed volunteers to participate in a simulation wherein they received sexual favors from an anime character through virtual reality goggles.

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My instincts immediately told me to tear the glasses off my head; I peeled them off and looked around.

I mumbled something like, "shit." They laughed and told me to go on, and maneuvered the robot arm so it was adjacent to my pelvis.

Here's how the tech works: The software, which was designed for Tenga by the Japanese erotic game developer Illusion, was crafted for the Oculus Rift, which an aspiring virtual sex participant then straps onto his head.

The program interfaces with a Novint Falcon, a haptic device designed to replace the mouse for PCs that became popular with gamers because it can respond to gunfire in first person shooters.

As for why Tenga's crew employs the Falcon, Wikipedia does a nice job of making it perfectly clear: The Falcon has removable handles, or grips, that the user holds onto to control the Falcon. the Falcon's software keeps track of where the grip is moved and creates forces that a user can feel, by sending currents to the motors in the device." So as you move your hand around the grip, the Falcon responds accordingly.

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