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Vdate Online is a totally free online video based dating service that allows users to view, contact and share pre-recorded video/photo greeting profiles that have been uploaded by our members. Once a member you can request, schedule & immediately go on Live webcam video dates with 1000s of members completely free.

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He has been single most of his adult life and for the last 15 years he has been using dating websites along with in-person methods.

There have always been so many problems with dating websites - for instance - a girl’s profile was amazing online but she was something completely different in person both in personality and looks.

No more picture & text profiles, and emailing back and forth, driving to meet, gas, parking, paying for unnecessary drinks & food. With a lightning quick sign up process, video profiles, live video chat, instant chat, virtual phone calls and no more unwanted emails, your experience will be what it should be: fun, simple, personal, and private. See & hear potential matches before actually having a video chat so you can weed through the bad dates and find love much faster then ever before.

Find out if you like their personality, their voice, or even their body through a personalized video!

After spending time carefully entering all your personal profile data and uploading your personal photos, the last step is always to enter your credit card information. Vdate is the fastest growing Worldwide free live video chat and online video dating service because we offer something no other online dating site can, free video personals, profiles, communication, and live web cam dating exclusively for singles.

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