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SKUR allows for easy one-time analysis to prevent major issues.

One common usage for frequent, scheduled, scanning and ‘Diffing’ is with structural elements.

In addition to the numerous small adjustments made as a result of the scanning and Diffing process, three critical issues were immediately identified and corrected without causing any significant work stoppage, supply chain blockages, or rebuilds.

Problem: For security leaders and practitioners, It's no longer a question of whether you can find security products to address a security issue, it's whether they are working as expected.

The average enterprise deploys 75 different security products, sifts through 17,000 pieces of malware every week, of which only 19% are deemed worthy of action.

Adding complexity to security operations, most security products are point products from a variety of vendors that don't necessarily work well or integrate with others, introducing more and more manual efforts to maintain protection from a threat landscape that is increasingly automated.

In a survey released by Barkly in May 2016 of 350 IT pros: Solution: If attackers are challenging our defenses every day, why aren't we?

This needs to be a copy of a renewal invitation, cancellation notice, or letter from your previous insurer which shows your No Claims Discount entitlement.

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