Updating windows shortcut

by  |  31-Aug-2015 21:12

This My SQL help page also gives more advanced users assistance in upgrading and running multiple versions of My SQL on a computer at the same time.

Nevertheless, you do have to make a choice at this point before the logon process will complete. If you aren't sure if you'd like to enable updates or would like to make a more informed choice, go down to the [Manage Security Settings For:] section at the bottom of WSC and click Automatic Updates to open the Automatic Updates property sheet shown in Fig. There are four options available for Automatic Updates.

Automatic Updates is now tied into the new Windows Security Center (WSC) that is supposed to monitor essential security elements of the system. Obviously I can't tell you which option is right for your situation.

Only the installation instructions are Windows specific.

The focus is on Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Professional machines.

Users have to take responsibility for determining whether or not the update will impact their system negatively.

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