validating dynex wireless - Updating the us constitution

by  |  06-Jul-2016 12:03

And yet we treat the natural word as if our own rights don’t depend on the health of our planet. And like a mythological many-headed hydra, when we finally ended the plantation system and freed the slaves (a time that looked like the birth of real democracy to many) out of thin air, the Supreme Court created and embedded corporate personhood into the 14th Amendment.

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That’s a problem when you realize that nature nourishes all things, including us.

As far as business goes, remember that 100 percent of the economy depends on the functions of nature just doing their thing.

Maybe it’s time to do what Thomas Jefferson advised every generation to do and rewrite the Constitution itself.

While criticizing corporate personhood has reached the mainstream, questioning the Constitution is not just a conversation killer—but the ultimate taboo topic from the lunatic fringe.

Yet questioning the legend or wisdom of the framers can still be as electrifying as touching the third rail on the subway.

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