sex dating in la junta colorado - Updating risk prediction tools a case study in prostate cancer

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Our pre-radical prostatectomy nomogram is for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer who have not yet begun treatment.This nomogram predicts the extent of the cancer and long-term results following radical prostatectomy (surgery to remove the prostate gland and surrounding lymph nodes).

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The objective of this study was to challenge these notions and show via a case study concerning risk-based screening for prostate cancer how calculators can be dynamically and locally tailored to improve on-site patient accuracy.

Yearly data from five international prostate biopsy cohorts (3 in the US, 1 in Austria, 1 in England) were used to compare 6 methods for annual risk prediction: static use of the online US-developed Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial Risk Calculator (PCPTRC); recalibration of the PCPTRC; revision of the PCPTRC; building a new model each year using logistic regression, Bayesian prior-to-posterior updating, or random forests.

All methods performed similarly with respect to discrimination, except for random forests, which were worse.

All methods except for random forests greatly improved calibration over the static PCPTRC in all cohorts except for Austria, where the PCPTRC had the best calibration followed closely by recalibration.

Our prostate cancer nomograms are prediction tools designed to help patients and their physicians understand the nature of their prostate cancer, assess risk based on specific characteristics of a patient and his disease, and predict the likely outcomes of treatment.

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