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Schulz has been practicing medical intuitive for 23 years.During a medical intuitive consultation, knowing only someone’s name and age, Mona Lisa discerns both a person’s physical condition and the emotional state of his or her life, explaining how the two are linked. Schulz teaches us how to become aware of how our symptoms of illness are part of our intuition network, letting us know when something in our lives is out of balance. Mona Lisa frequently attends to her Facebook Fan Page to share thoughts, responses to posts and other general randomness with her visitors. Follow her to find out about upcoming Hayhouse radio shows, random thoughts and opinions, especially about Dancing with the Stars!

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So, six months later I am starting over (no charge for the first treatment since I missed 2 and 3 and the gyno is sympathetic to BC).

I have procedure number one (again) this coming Monday and will post after each of the three. Jan 20, 2016 PM Hipline wrote: I just had treatment number 2.

Her tissue dryness was so severe, she told me, that it hurt to walk. My wonderful radiation oncologist, who I met for the first time today, told me about Mona Lisa Touch.

Am planning to look into it if side effects of upcoming Arimidex are as reported by sizable number of women. Dec 12, 2015 PM Hipline wrote: I have been absent for a while but am back with a Mona Lisa update.

Practice, learn and laugh your way through the process of discovering your own intuition in person with Dr. Take a minute to peruse her products and be sure to check in on Facebook or Twitter for updates about upcoming ones.

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