Updating mac os for imac

by  |  09-Feb-2015 13:44

I knew that more would be better, so I ordered 512 MB DIMMs from my favorite memory vendor, Crucial Technology (3 each on 04-Jan-05), one for each i Mac.

These i Macs have two memory slots, so I knew I'd be able to use both the new 512 MB module and an old module, and end up with a decent amount of RAM.

Before you set out to upgrade your own i Mac, make sure you spot the differences between your machine and those I upgraded, and do a bit of research yourself to make sure you aren't missing something important to your own situation.

updating mac os for imac-90

I discovered that the 4.1.9 firmware updater wouldn't work on my i Mac because it was running Mac OS 9.0 and the firmware updater requires 9.1 or 9.2.

Lucky for me, I'm a packrat and had the box for Mac OS 9.1 handy.

Both of my i Macs needed to be upgraded to firmware version 4.1.9.

Your i Mac may need a different firmware version, or its firmware may already be up to date, so be sure to research your own situation carefully.

These two machines presented somewhat different problems.

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