Updating enlisted record brief

by  |  24-Jan-2015 16:47

The Qualitative Management Program (QMP) is designed to keep the Army’s ranks filled with solid performers, Burback said.The final QMP board reviews those records of NCOs and makes final recommendations on separating NCOs, if any, from the Army.

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“Also, records without a photo or an outdated photo leaves a poor impression of the soldier’s interest in his or her promotion opportunity,” said Burback.

Before taking a photo, soldiers should be absolutely sure that awards worn are authorized and properly documented in their PQR and OMPF.

A soldier’s file and records must portray an accurate profile of that individual’s ability and potential.

During selection board proceedings, three board members review each soldier’s individual record.

They review the OMPF microfiche, Personnel Qualification Record, DA Photograph, Personnel Data Sheet, and other hard-copy documents, and compare them with the approved panel standards.

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