Trust device for consolidating industry dating by chat

by  |  07-Sep-2016 01:11

The Nucleus RTOS with KPA Ether CAT Master protocol is suitable for devices with hard and soft real-time requirements in industrial automation, as well as medical, energy and other market segments.

The future for industrial automation includes a production environment in which devices, machines and materials are connected with sensors, and communication technology that can be leveraged to increase quality, production efficiency and flexibility.

System reliability is key for industrial devices, with Nucleus RTOS providing a low overhead process model that creates space domain partitioning, isolating software subsystems to help ensure a fault in one subsystem is contained and cannot adversely affect the entire system.

Designed for performance, space partitioning is achieved utilizing the Memory Management Unit or Memory Protection Unit (in devices without MMUs) to create memory regions without the need to use virtual memory.

Mentor Embedded can help you consolidate legacy and new applications, the latest technologies, a comprehensive security architecture, and next-generation multicore processors on the same industrial device.

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