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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Science of Tree Rings web pages, designed to be the ULTIMATE source for information on the science of Dendrochronology.

In particular, the most recent genus-level revision in 1966 came to the opposite conclusion.

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I've designed these pages to be easily understood by people at all levels of education, from elementary school students to high school students, from first grade teachers to college professors.

You won't find the fancy Flash-driven pages here anymore — I want these pages to be readable, enjoyable, and (most of all) educational for all, especially those with learning and physical disabilities.

A list of pages at this site will be provided with that keyword.

Then find the item on that page by using the "Find in page" function of your browser.

I paid for the Microsoft Expression Web Pro and Dreamweaver CS5 software, my Macbook Pro laptop (also running Windows 7 via VMware), my Dropbox Pro account, high-speed Internet and home wireless, wireless printer, and all the "hidden" overhead (paper, cartridges, electricity), even the extra server space needed for the many files! I'd like to keep these tree-ring web pages online for another 20 years! First, click on the "A to Z Index" button to the upper left for a comprehensive list of items available from these pages.

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