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What is with these elastic head bands (said in my best Seinfeld voice)? Do you all have some sort of “shelf” in the back of your head for the elastic band to hold onto? If nothing else, if I make this mistake, someone might actually READ the email blasts I sent out! He said it again in his “In His Own Words” section: “hello well i can say to much about myself but you can ask me and i will tell you what you want to know i am here just to try on this site just let me know what you want to know.i am fanny guy and i like the movies, dancing, dinning and am ready for what you want. On online dating you have to understand that men don’t have good pictures of themselves. I forwarded a match to a friend today and when she said he scared her I reminded her of this fact.

Since my bangs currently cover my eyes I’ve had one on all morning but it is quickly driving me insane. Mine tends to slowly slip up and off during the day. Headline from one of Today’s Chemistry “matches”: “hello i am very senstitive man and fanny honest caring and romantic latino for you so dont be scare you can contact me.” Did he really say “fanny”? I told her my standards of pictures for online dating with guys is really low. I’m convinced many of these guys don’t actually own shirts and most of them really really really should.

When he gets to the point right before a jump I command, “go to bed”.

The flop is designed to land 1/2 his body on top of mine so that it can slowly slip down my side and he can do it again, and again, and again.

This position also demands a pillow be under his head.

The adult after party went late and I was pooped when I hit my pillow. Sun – Get up early to bike (before the crazies come out in my neighborhood and mow me down in their car), hike or run (if I don’t hike it means I have to take Riggins to the dog park so hiking kills two birds with one stone and is my preferred activity even though I should run). All that means is that I will feel the need to triple up on my workouts this weekend. I could have gone on that killer yacht trip if I really wanted to).

Sat I was up early hiking with has no fear and little common sense so he ignored them with a smile on his face as he raced around the no-go zone (one reason he has been vaccinated for rattlesnakes) and I hoped for the best! Not a bad idea given that the it will help with my tri training. I’m telling you she is some sort of dating superstar! if you are reading this then you’ve read my blog and I can’t pull one over on you!

Totally worth it as he is an adorable little bundle of cuteness. Fri – Get up early to walk Riggins, Work, Run, Sleep. The problem with that schedule is that it leaves little to no room for “life”. Seriously if you saw my head right now you would realize this is this HAS to be done. Cutting something that takes up large chunks of my time … So it is ENTIRELY possible that if I’m not careful, and you know I’m not, I’ll send a prospect an email with the title “Sir-Enough About Your Butt.” This has almost happened enough times for me to think of the response I would have to the “what the ???! Lisa has booked a wedding venue to coordinate with the anniversary of her grandparents and has now enlisted … She has brilliantly managed to find men who will actually DATE her vs. Every time I go to her site she had done something super fun on a date.

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