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The final Crowfall Archetype to be examined for 2016 is the Templar.

In a blog post on the official site, Mark Halash writes about the Templar's Powers and UI, starting off with a discussion and reminder about "minimum viable powers".

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Before you can partake in the festivities, you\'ll need to track down Breda outside Windhelm for your first quest simply titled “The New Life Festival.

Once you complete her requests, you\'ll have the opportunity to complete up to nine different daily quests, each themed for Tamriel\'s different races and located in their respective zones.

I pretty much own most of what I want on Steam already, so when sales do roll around, I tend to dig through and look for some obscure gems that I can add to my library at a great price.

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Indie games will continue to push through but overall, there seems to be a lot missing from our normal New Year game menu. Still, the game industry continues to move forward and games remain a multi-billion dollar industry.

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