The 7 day dating and relationship plan

by  |  04-Jun-2016 05:59

Does anyone have feedback on either dating someone who works 7 days/week or if you yourself work 7 days a week and want a serious relationship ?

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When I used to work crazy hours, I had to give up on relationships coz I was just too exhausted & everything would get on my nerves, but I knew I was sacrificing in the short term to achieve longer term goals.

Now I have normal hours & an excellent career so it was worth it.

On Day 2, keep the momentum going by exploring a fantasy with your partner.

Fantasies are a crucial part of physical intimacy, and feeling safe enough to act on them has been shown to greatly enhance overall sex life. Spontaneity during a planned intimacy challenge sounds counterintuitive--but it's not!

What's more, some psychologists estimate that up to 20% of couples have sex no more than 10 times a year. Luckily, you're not consigned to a lifetime of platonic nights cuddling on the couch: There's a way to recharge your libidos in just one week. How exactly will this challenge rekindle your flame?

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