Greek sex chats - Tax treatment liquidating distribution foreign passive investment

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BANK SECRECY PROVISIONS -- Provisions which require that a bank refuse to disclose information about its customers to third parties, including the tax authorities. tax haven), which is used to shelter income and reduce taxes in the taxpayer's home country.

Base companies carry on certain activities on behalf of related companies in high-tax countries (e.g.

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The decisive criterion is whether the activity of the fixed place of business in itself forms an essential and significant part of the activity of the enterprise as a whole.

AUXILIARY COMPANY -- Company which is part of a group of companies and which supplies auxiliary services to group companies.

The statement will show the business's assets in one column and its liabilities and owner's equity in another column.

BALANCING PAYMENT -- A payment, normally from one or more participants to another, to adjust participants’ proportionate shares of contributions, that increases the value of the contributions of the payer and decreases the value of the contributions of the payee by the amount of the payment, in the context of CCA (Cost Contribution Arrangements). BASE COMPANY -- Company situated in a low-tax or non-tax country (i.e.

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE -- Office frequently located in a country other than that of the headquarters office, the parent company or country of operation.

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