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When you try to launch the game again, the game will be fixed if Steam finds anything wrong with it and should be fully operational!

Steam is generally pretty stable, but every now and then you’ll run into a problem.

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Reddit user Shawn Maiberger has created a script that verifies all installed Steam games in one go automatically in the background.

It is using the Auto It scripting language and can either be downloaded as a script or an executable file.

Step 1: Launch Steam Step 2: Go to the Library tab in Steam and select the game you want to fix Step 3: Right Click on the game and click on Properties Step 4: Select the Local Files tab Step 5: Click on Verify Integrity of Game Cache Step 6: Wait for Steam to validate your game’s install if it finds anything wrong with it those files will be re-downloaded and installed.

Step 7: Click play and Steam will re-install and launch your game. Verifying the Integrity of your Game Cache will fix your install if there are corrupted or missing files in your game.

However i think there might be an issue with Steam and my hard drive setup so here's a quick rundown: Steam is installed on my SSD which is where Win7 OS is installed, i only have 2 games on the SSD.

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