Sql server 2016 sp4 validating user introverted female dating

by  |  06-May-2015 12:56

In SQL it holds a special meaning as well, it allows users to receive Microsoft support on their SQL server installations as well as granting audit data base server abilities.

SPNs can only be registered by accounts with Domain Admin level permissions – although it is possible to delegate the specific permission required.

Many environments are not keen on delegating this permission, especially when there are hundreds to thousands of domain accounts involved.

In response to the challenges with password management, many environments compromise by using a single domain account as the service account for all of their SQL Server instances.

Many also take a different approach to password policy for service accounts (perhaps they allow the same password for 12 months rather than 90 days, etc.).

In order to utilize g MSA accounts, there must be at least one Windows Server 2012 (or R2) DC in the domain.

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