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Challenges, learnings, and strategies will be drawn from an employee-owned company's experience with strategic leadership development.

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet in small groups with institutions interested in capitalizing worker cooperatives.

Capital providers will each sit at their own table and attendees will move around the room – like speed dating.

This will provide those from both start-up and established worker cooperatives the opportunity to learn about different options for financing and to share their pitch, providing an opportunity to see what questions lenders may have. Best HR Practices for Worker Co-ops (CO-OP) When your workers are your owners, H. practices can be quite different from those common in the for-profit business world, so this session will delve into the realities and challenges of worker co-op H. Topics covered include the results of a study of common worker co-op H. practices, a discussion of the place of worker co-ops in employment law, and a discussion of the workforce development challenges faced by co-ops with low-income and -skill workforces. Engaging Owners on the Frontlines: Using Continuous Improvement to Strengthen Your Ownership Culture (ALL) Companies where employees think, act and feel like owners are better places to work, and they out-perform the competition.

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Join three local cooperative experts as they outline key strategies for making that change, including identifying and overcoming “founder’s syndrome.” 9.

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