Sex chat lines in south africa - Spatial updating and the maintenance of visual constancy

by  |  13-May-2016 08:57

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Four decades of research have shown that humans and non-human primates can take the amplitude and direction of intervening movements into account, including saccades (both head-fixed and head-free), pursuit, whole-body rotations and translations.

At the neuronal level, spatial updating is thought to be maintained by receptive field locations that shift with changes in gaze, and evidence for such shifts has been shown in several cortical areas.

In contrast, the ventral visual stream is assumed to transform target locations into an allocentric reference frame that is highly sensitive to visual contextual illusions.

Here, we tested the effect of the Müller-Lyer illusion on visuomotor updating in a double step saccade task.

This indicates that a distributed network of brain regions supports spatial updating.

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