Single mom dating toronto

by  |  14-Dec-2015 20:37

Consider this - one in eight families are parented by single moms, 10% of children live in stepfamilies and lone-parent families account for 14% of Canadian familial households.

In other words, if you are a single parent, you’re far from alone – there are thousands in the same boat, many of whom are looking for a committed relationship with a partner who understands their situation.

OPFA is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the welfare of today’s one parent families and their children in Canada. We have been a turning point for many one parent families in re-establishing a meaningful life for themselves and their children.

Our members can share their experiences with you, help you adjust, and rediscover the confidence you may have lost. Are you a one parent family as a result of the end of a relationship, the death of a partner, or by choice?

Meeting up with other single parents gives us all a chance to talk to each other, find a good shoulder to lean on from an ear that totally gets your situation and best of all have a great time.

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