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I am wearing an artificial leg and attend to my normal day to day work without any difficulty. E (Advanced/Level) Examination in commerce stream in the year 2000.

I am from poor, humble fishing family and my ambition is to be a useful person engaged in a recognized employment. I followed several computer courses and is in possession of recognized certificates to this effect.

Otherwise please let me know how you can assist me. I consider it shock rather than pain because it's an impluse.

I hope this request of mine will receive a favourable consideration at your hands and your cooperation in this regards will be highly appreciated. Yours faithfully Rasika Fernando Hi, my name is Coco. I wanted to find out from any of the amputees "Do you ever get use to being and amputee"? But, sometimes I find it hard to accept being an amputee. There is such a stigma attached to individuals that are considered different. If, there is anyone that wants to talk please feel free to email me. In your response to Nicole Bracken in Greenville, South Carolina 24 Jan. The ERTL procedure is great as I have a modified ERTL, which uses the Tibula as the bridge. There is a branch of the peroneal nerve just off center to the left of my left stump of BK amputation thats the problem area on me.

Presently I’m looking for a suitable career opportunity or employment skill training in overseas because I would like to get a good artificial limb.

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