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Never leave twitches on too long and make sure you let the endorphins kick in before you start.Make sure you check the clippers are not getting hot, oil regularly and never forget that horses can kick very powerfully and very accurately, even when heavily sedated.Legally, any animal we prescribe for has to be seen to be under our care, so oral sedatives can't be prescribed without the horse having been seen – this can be done at routine visits (for vaccinations or teeth, for instance).

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You get a good 35- 40 minutes of heavy sedation then around the same again of increasingly lighter sedation.

An average 500kg horse may take 0.5ml Dormosedan and 1 ml Butorgesic; if you know your horse is one of those REALLY resentful ones then we often have to go for a stronger dose straight off.

It's stronger than ACP but still not as strong as injectable options (in my experience).

You must be careful when using it – read the packet thoroughly and dispose of safely; a single dose syringe is approximately $46. It's often easier to use these than to mess around with milder oral options and can work out quite well financially, especially if you book in on a zone visit day or in conjunction with other work to do.

The main thing to keep in mind is that they don't take long to kick in and they don't last forever so my advice is – get the horse as clean as possible (wash the day before if possible) so your clippers have a good chance, have your overalls already on and have the extension lead and clippers set up and ready to go. Xylazine: On average, a regular 500kg horse needing moderate sedation for a blanket clip will need approximately 3ml, with a top up 15 minutes later of another 3ml.

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