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Sean’s list of Carrie Fisher’s 10 Greatest ‘Star Wars’ Moments for Rolling Stone (warning: Rogue One spoilers). Our Patreon page at Our Pay Pal donation page (also accessible via

See for yourself: Meanwhile, Ashley Hamilton has a new girlfriend that he's bringing around the family, Sean Stewart is making trouble and stirring the pot between family members, Alana is helping Kimberly find love and so much more!

We can hardly wait to see what this crazy family has in store...

Sometimes I feel like the culture is conspiring to make kids grow up so fast.

In our home, you won’t find Bratz dolls or tween/teen shows like . For now, I make sure there is plenty of time to chase butterflies, ride bikes, and create.

To them, and to all of you, our family wishes you a safe and blessed holiday. Sean Duffy (@repseanduffy) on she tries to be a fun mom, but that doesn’t mean anything goes in the Duffy house.

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