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"You know, I wanna make -- to make sure-- you know, when I was leaving after a newscast at at night, that there was someone watching me walk to my car. Morgan Harrington, 20, drove from her parent's home in Roanoke, Virginia, to the UVA campus arena to see one of her favorite bands.

we have a witness that Morgan was bleeding from an injury on her face ...

so we assume that at some point between the seat and the restroom, Morgan fell," Dan Harrington explained.

"You can only imagine what was going on in her mind.

You can only imagine what was going on in -- in his mind.

The quaint, historic city of Charlottesville, Virginia, is home to the prestigious University of Virginia. WTVR reporter Laura French, a "48 Hours" consultant, has followed this story from day one."We knew at that time ...

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