Scare a man away dating

by  |  31-Mar-2015 07:05

Of course men want to be with women they find attractive.

However, if all you have to offer is a pretty face and a hot body, your relationships will not live long after the initial attraction.

It’s often more comfortable to shirk personal accountability and point your finger at the guy who, in your opinion, treated you badly.

However, if your dating resume is a lackluster chronology of short-lived romances and potential relationships which never came to fruition, it’s time to assess whether you are (at least partly) to blame.

He’ll reveal the kind of qualities a man can’t help falling for in a woman and what it takes to make him give up his “single” freedom for the love of just one woman…for the long term.

Isn’t it preferable to figure out what we are doing to sabotage our chance at relationship happiness?

Often, problems in relationships don’t require answers-- they require a different belief system.

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