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And they can expect real Mexican tamales for a long time, because I’m teaching my kids the tricks of the trade so one day they can inherit the business and experience the joy that comes with working hard and making great food for a great city.

Being a mobile food vendor gives me the best of both worlds: I can provide for my family while being around them.

At least four victims have accused Hayden of sexual misconduct, leading to the charges in two jurisdictions. Both aggravated rape charges in the Baton Rouge case stem from accusations that Hayden raped a young girl, now age 13, multiple times between March 2013 and August 2014.

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He reminded her of one of his previous marriages—wife number two, he indicated—when he had planned to bring the wife into the Red Jacket fold, work with his love every day, and have things be nice, rosy and happy. But, Stephanie is, as they say, her father’s daughter, and was not so easily swayed, and reminded Will that she was not him—alluding to her own apparent interest in Kris and the idea that she thought it was worth a shot.

Will, always the loving and supportive father, basically just warned her about going off the edge of the cliff, gave her a hug and kiss, and went on his way. It would be interesting to see what was going on behind the scenes at Red Jacket, because there was a lot of flirting go on between the pair on-camera, typically with a stern Will looking on with a disapproving eye.

Will Hayden, the former star of "Sons of Guns," is scheduled for a court hearing Aug 20, 2015, in state district court in Baton Rouge regarding two charges of aggravated rape and one charge of forcible rape.

(East Baton Rouge Parish Prison) Former "Sons of Guns" reality TV star Will Hayden is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday (Aug.

Parish of Livingston officials tell us Kris abused Stephanie's son from another relationship last month ...

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