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YOU MAY NOT WORK UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR LICENSE OR CAN CONFIRM THAT YOUR ARE ACTIVE BY VISITING: It is our intent and desire to make all reciprocal license transactions as quick and convenient as possible; however, state laws, board rules and office policies must be observed – these requirements may not be waived and exceptions are not considered.

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A person who violates the reciprocity norm by accepting without attempting to return the good acts of others is disliked by the social group.

Individuals who benefit from the group's resources without contributing any skills, helping, or resources of their own are called free riders.

**PLEASE NOTE** If you have been licensed in more than one state – please contact each state board that you are/were licensed in and have them send certification. **Receipt of certifications from other States vary in time so please allow three to four weeks’ for processing once you have submitted everything needed per these instructions. Once approved for licensure in Tennessee, a license will be mailed to the address you provided.

Please make sure to update the board if you have moved.

Some distinguish between ideal altruism (giving with no expectation of future reward) and reciprocal altruism (giving with expectation of future reward).

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