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Some time in the late 1980s, Homer prepared a budget so that he could work at his dream job, a pin monkey at the Bowlarama Bowling Alley, owned by Barney's uncle Al Gumble.The budget included buying regular toilet paper and that only one of the kids could go to college.At some point between finishing high school and marrying Marge, Homer briefly served in the US Army, but never saw combat.

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“(To his safety rally) Friends, you have come to depend on me as your safety watchdog so you won't scrape yourself or stub your toes or blow yourselves up. You have to learn that there's a little Homer Simpson in all of us, and I'm going to have to live without your respect and awe.

The only reason I'm telling you this is I'm going to be leaving you, but don't worry.

He also may have some form of superhuman endurance as he's been seriously injured many times but survived.

He is named after Matt Groening's father Homer Groening.

Homer attended Springfield High School and fell in love with Marge Bouvier in 1974.

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