Predating los angeles

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He told When you stand behind the mounds and you’re facing the sunset—and we were there for the solstice—the sun sets right on the mound. – apparently created long lines across the desert to guide people to meeting places, sometimes for winter solstice celebrations, according to new research led by Charles Stanish of UCLA.

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The Paracas immediately preceded another culture called the Nazca, which is famous for making massive line drawings in the Peruvian desert, made out of earth and stone.

The Nazca Lines include enormous works of art depicting everything from birds to monkeys.

The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible.

One day you’re telling everyone about that excellent new hot beef sandwich down the block, the next minute, the doors are shuttered. Back in the days when you could smoke indoors, patrons would register their pipe, it would be kept clean by the restaurant’s “pipe boys,” and it would be there waiting for the guests when they returned again.

Archaeologists call these lines , whether they are meant to be artistic like the famous Nazca Lines or serve a practical purpose, like the lines in the desert drawn by the Paracas people.

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