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Dates produced by using this technique have been checked by .

Though the method has been limited in its archaeological use so far, it has already proved a useful check method for for volcanic deposits at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, and obsidian, tephra beds, mineral inclusions in pottery, and some man-made glasses have also been dated.

A further use of the method is based on the fact that fission tracks disappear if the substance is heated about 500?

In the Mediterranean, deep-sea coring produced evidence for the ash fall from the eruption of Thera, and its stratigraphic position provided important information in the construction of a SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: tuffaceous rock CATEGORY: geology DEFINITION: Solidified volcanic ash or dust; a soft, porous rock consisting of the compacted volcanic ash or dust.

Tuffs may be grouped as vitric, crystal, or lithic when they are composed principally of glass, crystal chips, or the debris of pre-existing rocks, respectively.

Many new techniques are being developed and tested.

Potassium argon dating hominids

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