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This page is meant as a short list of some of the best of them.

This site is a “front door” for people just finding out about polyamory, and want to know where to start, or for those who are involved with someone who is polyamorous.

There are other kinds of relationship that can constitute part of a polyamorous situation, such as a peer relationship with someone you feel bonded to, that you take into account when you are making life plans, and who you have deep emotional sharing with—but for whatever reason, it is not a sexual relationship.

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Certainly, being “in love” with someone can be the kind of relationship people include in polyamory.

Sexual relationships where there is a deep emotional connection are also included.

Some people believe that they are "wired" poly, and would find a monogamous relationship to be inauthentic for them.

Others find that they can be quite happy relating in either a monogamous style, or a polyamorous one. The practice of polyamory differs from so many basic monogamous patterns that it takes time to absorb the implications and figure out how to translate those into day-to-day relationships. It can be very important that if you are in a poly situation, that you connect yourself to the polyamory community in one or more ways.

This can happen especially when people are involved in an “open network” type of polyamory.

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