Osawa takao and ayase haruka dating

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No more details are known yet since it's still early morning in Japan, but it seems like that wasn't the only time Ayase got spotted entering his apartment.The two of them already appeared together in the movie "ICHI" in 2008 and last fall they once again worked together for the very successful TBS dorama "JIN". Osawa's side said, Seriously, I was really pissed off after it ended and I thought that I might as well not have watched it Yeah I hear everyone saying it's great but I thought it was just me that didn't understand anything at the end since no one ever mentioned it -_-oo wow i saw both jin and ichi and i think they would be pretty cute!

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Just as things are finally getting on course, a key figure in a powerful triad mysteriously dies under the hands of a Bajiquan master.

Au-kuen and Tiu Lan investigate, and their investigation leads them to Fa Man, the leader of a stripping dance troupe.

To restore law and order in the walled city, Au-kuen unites everyone to form a welfare association to resist the triads.

It's the big headline in the "FRIDAY" magazine that will be going on sale today, JIN's Osawa Takao (42) and Ayase Haruka (25) are in a relationship!?

Eun Jae is timid, but she has a unique taste for men.

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