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In this example, winter barley is one of the possible cover crops selected.

The website rates it “excellent” as a soil builder, “very good” for lasting residue, and “excellent” as a grazing option.

Presley is on the Midwest Cover Crops Council board of directors.

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Your seed supplier can be a big help, but you might like to examine all the options yourself before placing your seed order,” she said. On that page, click on the link that reads "Go to the Cover Crop Decision Tool-Field Crops." That will take you to the page where you enter your field-specific information, Presley said.“This is much more than just a list of cover-crop species that we know will work in Kansas. Producers enter some information specific to their own operation, and the website then selects some of the best cover-crop options for that localized situation,” she said.

A very useful online tool for evaluating cover-crop options for specific situations and locations is the Midwest Cover Crops Council Decision Tool, Presley said. Producers can select their county, then a cash crop and its planting and harvest dates.

Some years the stock might be down in the short run, but over time, producers should see a steady upward impact to their fields."Don't make a decision on one year and one field," she said, noting sometimes the weather is an overriding factor. With fields having different soils and climates, what works in one field might not be the best for another."This isn't a last-minute decision," Presley said.

Online rural dating in hutchinson kansas

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